Bretts Show in Branson

Bretts Show in Branson

The Bretts Show is not your average family variety show. With a dizzying array of awards and accomplishments over their nearly 20-year Branson career, this dynamic family produces a power-packed, two-hour entertainment experience that combines the best in music, lighting, video, dance, comedy and genuine artistry.

The Bretts Show mixes timeless classics, current chart-topping hits and award-winning original music, all presented with The Bretts’ signature polish and professionalism. The Bretts Show proudly features Branson’s #1 Patriotic Tribute and also includes a host of fun surprises for the entire family, like the Brett Brothers’ high-tech Tron Basketball routine.

As singers, songwriters, dancers and musicians, each member of this family has the star power to deliver a full-length solo performance - but when their talents combine in The Bretts Show, it creates a truly captivating experience that continues to prove that family entertainment can be the best in entertainment!

For the Bretts Show in November and December, please order:
Bretts SONG OF CHRISTMAS Show in Branson

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2 hours


10:00 am on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (September & October)
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Special Schedule Details

There are no shows scheduled on these dates:
September: 1
October: 25, 26, 27 & 31
(November & December: see Bretts Song of Christmas Show in Branson)

About The Brett Family

Tom is the producer, manager, and driving force behind the group. He was the first one in the family to consider coming to Branson and is now living his dream. Not only does Tom have a phenomenal voice, but he is also accomplished on several instruments, including the piano and guitar. In addition to his incredible musical talent, Tom has a tremendous gift with his hands, which he has used to help countless patients in his successful chiropractic clinic in McKinney, Texas. Due to a severe neck injury Tom incurred five years ago, he is no longer able to practice chiropractic, but he still maintains his office in Texas by fax and phone.

As a result of his injury, Tom and his family made a dramatic change in course direction and are now entertaining here in Branson. (When God closes a door, He opens a window!) Tom feels that one of the biggest challenges he faces since moving to Branson to start a show is not knowing when to stop! There is always more to do than can possible be done. However, Tom looks at the bright side of things and sees that there is so much he has gained since being here. The family's work ethic has grown tremendously as well as their faith in and reliance upon God. He also feels that he and his family have grown even closer and his hope in the family unit and amazement at what a family can accomplish together are greater than ever.

Aside from music, Tom stays busy serving as a youth leader at church as well as coaching basketball. Through the years, he has shared his love of basketball with his two sons and many other young athletes.

Although often mistaken for one of the kids, Andrea is most definitely the mom of the family. Everybody around the theater just calls her "Mama Brett." Andrea juggles all the responsibilities of being mother and entertainer and is doing a great job. Andrea began performing as a young child with her own brothers and sisters. Her parents always encouraged the development of her talents. Her mom would say, "You sing, I'll do the dishes."

Andrea later attended Brigham Young University where she studied voice, choral conducting, and music composition. Her title of 'Arranger' for the family group holds true in more ways that one. Not only does she create beautiful harmonies for her family to sing on stage, but she is also devoted to creating family harmony off the stage as well. She has been a dedicated home school teacher for all three of her children and has passed on the love of music that existed in her family growing up. Andrea feels that there is a bond that's created within a group of people when you sing or make music together. The music in the Bretts' lives has certainly added to their closeness.

In addition to her talents as a singer and vocal arranger, Andrea is an accomplished choral director and pianist. Whenever she is able to find spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and all other things of a creative nature.

Briahna, loves to sing, but is also a gifted dancer, pianist and actress. Briahna was home schooled until she started attending college at the age of fifteen and is now combining her talents to pursue a degree in Music Dance Theatre at Brigham Young University. She has performed in many musical theater productions including: Oklahoma!, The Sound of Music, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. She has also received prestigious awards in piano and dance competitions.

Briahna's first love and passion is dance in all its forms, but she truly enjoys and appreciates all of the arts. She loves to perform with the family and has put many personal opportunities on hold in order to be a part of the family's Branson experience. While in Branson, Briahna teaches dance at a local studio. Aside from dance, choreography, music, and singing, Briahna also likes to go bargain hunting with her friends or as she calls it, "thrifting."

One thing that Andrea had to say about Briahna was that she makes the best of every situation. Briahna feels that working on stage in Branson has strengthened her in this area. She also feels grateful to have been home schooled. Briahna has dreams of working in music and theater, and has always had the desire to work on Broadway in Les Miserables or pursue a musical career in Nashville.

When you see Brydon take the stage, you get the feeling that he was born for the spotlight. His soulful voice, smooth dance moves, and contagious smile combine to make him a natural entertainer. People seem to love his outgoing personality and sense of humor which are evident both on and off stage. Although Brydon does love performing, his passions are basketball and all things related to his favorite sport. Having set his sights on the NBA, he is a dedicated and disciplined ball player who spends every spare minute drilling and practicing at the hoop. Brydon is a senior in higih school, and the starting point guard for New Life Academy's basketball team. He has received multiple college scholarship offers to play basketball. He has recently produced a basketball ball-handling video which is currently being marketed nationally. Brydon also enjoys playing the drums and is a talented graphic artist.

Garon steals the show with his precious smile, bell-like voice and exciting tumbling. Garon is the newest addition to the Brett Family Singers, having debuted just four years ago. He, like his brother, loves to play basketball. Though he is small, he plays without fear and delights spectators with his amazing ball-handling skills. He is a self-taught gymnast and always has some new trick up his sleeve. His other interests include just being a regular kid, playing the drums, and collecting Beanie Babies (He has two hundred and seven at last count!). Garon is also a whiz on the computer, and likes to play Roller Coaster Tycoon or learn about graphic arts. Though Garon has no definite future plans for now, he does want to one day have his own puppy.

Rates do not include hotel pick up. Please order online or call to order or for more information.

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